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About Us is an online payday loan application platform for consumers based in Canada. This is designed with the objective of helping consumers reach out to multiple lenders for their urgent finance requirements without directly approaching them. This application panel provides an advantage to the users of indirectly approaching these lenders for loan which has greater chances of loan approval while also saving a lot of time and effort.

We have a network of certified money lenders in Canada that offer cash loans online. The biggest advantage of using this website for your loan application is that you can connect with multiple lenders at the same time. Without investing time in searching for lender’s websites, and applying separately you can apply at a common platform. This way the lenders are aware that your application is shared with other providers too, and so they would compete to offer you a best deal at the earliest.

Some user get a no obligation quotation from multiple lenders while some may not even get a single response. It completely depends on your application and your personal financial situation how many lenders approve your loan.

We are not able to commit on how may quotations you can receive since we are not involved in the loan processing at any stage. We do not access your information and never make a contact with any applicant. We simply offer a loan matching service that is free of charges for all our users.

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