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We work hard to offer you a dependable loan matching service. We understand how important it is for our applicants to get approved for a loan on time and therefore we make sure that each application reaches the fastest paying lenders without any delay.

How to Get Started for a Loan?

The loan process starts with you. Before submitting a loan request on this website, spend some time in analyzing your present financial situation. Make sure that taking a payday loan is the best option for you at this moment. Calculate how much repayment you can make in the next month along with managing your living expenses. Now apply for the loan amount affordable for you.

As soon as you submit the application form on this website, the payday lenders on top of our list would immediately receive your loan request. If approved, you can receive a lending decision as early as possible.

Why Payday Loans are so popular in Canada
Quick cash boost

Obtaining a payday loan is very simple & quick, as it has very basic eligibility requirements. Anyone in need of a short term cash advance can get hold of these loans simply by matching the lender's eligibility criteria.

Trouble free repayment

The repayment method of a payday loan is also equally simple and trouble free as to get approved for these funds. The borrowers typically provide a direct debit authorization to the loans lender, which allows them to directly debit the loan amount along with the interest rate from borrower’s bank account on the predefined due date.

No Long term contracts

A Payday Loan agreement is designed for tenure of 2-4 weeks. These loans offer a short term financial boost help in case of emergencies that cannot wait until the payday. So, no long term commitment, avail it & pay on next payday

Best alternative to traditional loans

Getting a payday loan in Canada usually does not depend on a perfect credit history or collateral or a guarantor – Unlike a traditional personal loan. If you can afford to make repayments and have enough credibility to win trust of the lender, you can get hold of these loans real quick.

Eligibility Criteria for Payday Loans

Online loans are very easy to obtain and are equally quick and secure. To be eligible for these loans, you just need to meet the basic requirements as listed below. The loan amount & interest rate is however calculated on basis of your income and expenses details.

Canada citizenship is must required
You can only apply if you are 18 or above
You must have regular income with a permanent job
You should have a valid back a/c

Non-Payment of a loan

These payday loans do not involve a guarantor, so if you ever miss a payment the lender would make all the necessary legal attempts to pressurize you to arrange funds. You can be charged penalties for each missed payment, and sometimes in case of repeat delay in payments the lender can involve collection services in order to recover the cash. No doubt, this can add a negative remark on your credit register.

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